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The Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) set up in 1957 is the only national center in the country where research in all disciplines relating to fishing and fish processing is undertaken. The institute started functioning at Cochin in 1957. Research centers function at Veraval (Gujarat), Visakhapatnam (AP), Mumbai (Maharashtra)...

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Research Highlights

Netting material treated with 0.002% each of nano titanium and copper oxide hydrogel showed excellent bio-fouling resistance.


In a surface modification study of boat building steel using multi-walled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) and nano titanium dioxide composites, it was revealed that steel treated with 0.02% MWCNT and 0.01% nano TiO2 showed good corrosion resistance compared to untreated control.


The average CPUE in trawls fitted with square mesh codend operated along Sindhudrug coast (Maharashtra) by private vessels was 18.0 kg/h and the escapement was 3.18 kg/h with a normalized value of INR 7.0.


In field trials with Juvenile Trash Excluder Device (JTED) with 1 cm spacing it was observed that 27 commercial species were retained in the codend and 12 species had escaped into the cover codend.


The construction of the 19.75 m energy efficient fishing vessel, christened as FV Sagar Harita, was completed at the Goa Shipyard Ltd., Goa. The total tension offered by the gear increased from 8 KN to about 15 KN, when the speed was increased from 2.0 to 3.4 knots, while operating the 33.0 m shrimp trawl attached with BRD.


An innovative collapsible fish trap of 1.5 m x 0.8 m size with two entrance funnels on both sides was designed and fabricated.


Life cycle analysis showed that motorized ring seine fleet had higher impact when compared to mechanized ring seine fleet with a 24% higher value for Global Warming Potential


The total quantity of coconut wood available for fishing boat construction is estimated to be 37.16 lakh m3 in south-west coast from the total 123.86 lakh palms.


Two canoes of dimensions 9.0 m LOA, 1.50 m breadth and 0.70 m depth were constructed using treated coconut panels and is being used for gillnetting, seining etc. in the artisanal sector.


The contribution of CDOM was less than 25% towards total absorption which increased to 25-100% during the post-monsoon season along the coastal waters off Cochin.


The concentration of chlorophyll and temperature of water were significantly (p<0.05) correlated with the abundance of Acetes sp. along the Veraval coast Gujarat.


Fibre-rich seaweed (Caulerpa racemosa and Ulva lactuca) incorporated semi-sweet biscuits and extruded snack product was developed.


Thermal processed of ready to eat squid masala in polypropylene and EVOH based multi-layered containers had a shelf life of one year at ambient storage temperature(28 + 2 oC)


Incorporation of nano-chitosan in biodegradable polylactic acid based films enhanced antimicrobial activity.


A protocol was standardized for preparing restructured nuggets from Pangasius fish in DHA fortified nutritional supplement based on wheat flour, soy flour, gram flour, ground nut and cashew nut was prepared.


A prototype mould for the preparation of shrimp analogue product from fish mince was fabricated and analogue products prepared.


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Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT) - the only technology Institute in India which caters to the broad spectrum of fisheries from harvest to post-harvest operations has been in the service of the nation since 1957 under the Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), New Delhi.

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