Major Research Findings

  • Natural levels of formaldehyde in 152 species of finfish and shellfish comprising of 2929 samples collected from 28 locations across India was estimated.
  • Method developed for total Florfenicol residues in fish as sum of Florfenicol and its amine, oxolinic acid, enrofloxacin, ciprofloxacin, Sulfadimethoxine by AB Sciex 4000 QTRAP Mass Spectrometry.
  • Analysis of tissue depletion and withdrawal period estimation of Florfenicol in feed administration to marine and freshwater fishes was carried out.
  • Heavy metal and trace mineral data of 3616 samples of 240 species of commercially important finfish and shellfish varieties were compiled and submitted to FSSAI for formulation of standards.
  • Developed method for the determination of multiclass pesticide residue in Fish and Fish products.
  • Ingredient compositions and machine operation parameters were standardized for floating feed preparations by utilizing fish waste.
  • Studies indicated that 38% of ice used for seafood preservation harboured one or more Shiga toxin genes
  • The isolates of L. monocytogenes were found to possess all virulent genes namely inlA, inlC, inlJ, hlyA, iap, plcA and prfA, respectively.
  • Serotyping of L. monocytogenes isolates indicated that they belong to serotype 1/2a, 3a serogroups.
  • Method was developed for estimation of FSSR approved artificial food colour additives (Indigotine, Ponceau 4R, Allura Red and Sunset Yellow) in fish and fishery products.
  • Feeding experiments conducted in BV 280 breed of poultry with shrimp processing waste-based feed showed that the HU value of feed treated egg was 73.46 against the control value 71.09. Significant difference in Egg Weight was observed in the treatment lot.
  • Commercially available brands of fish oil, both imported and domestically manufactured were evaluated for compliance as per Codex Standard (329-2017). More than 30% of samples did not comply with the quality and safety parameters stipulated in the standard.
  • Gap analysis for method availability for all test parameters stipulated under FSSR for various categories of food products were compiled.
  • Method developed for the determination of multiclass pesticide residues in fish and fish products.



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