Major Research Findings

  • Design and development of solar dryers with LPG, biomass and electrical back up for continuous and hygienic drying of fish even under unfavourable weather conditions. The dryers are available with wide range of capacities from 5-50 kg and operating  conditions were optimized for popular fish species
  • Design and  development of modern, hygienic and refrigeration enabled Mobile Fish Vending Kiosk
  • Design and development of Multi-purpose (fish drying, water heating and electricity) Solar Thermal Conversion System with biomass heater backup
  • Design and development of hand operated fish descaling equipment with loading capacities of 3-5 kg. Operating conditions were standardized for various fish species
  • Design and development of motor operated fish descaling machines with fixed drum speed and variable drum speed at capacities ranging from 5-10 kg. Operating conditions were standardized for various fish species
  • Design and development of portable, multi-purpose, household electrical dryer of 10 kg capacity for micro scale drying of fish and fishery products with lower capital investment
  • Design and development of energy and cost efficient Infrared Dryer prototype (5 kg capacity) for fish
  • Developed Peltier based 12 V battery operated specimen collection and transport device of 5 L capacity
  • 15.5 m Fuel efficient steel fishing vessel “Sagarkripa”. 
  • A fuel-efficient design for 18 m. deep sea steel fishing vessel
  • An improved fuel-efficient nozzle propeller system for vessels in size range of 15 -18m.
  • FRP boats for fast flowing rivers
  • Fuel saving Propeller designs for mechanised fishing vessels.
  • Design, construction and popularization of FRP boats for reservoirs, NEH regions and back waters

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