Research findings

  • Periodical monitoring and certification of microbiological & biochemical quality analysis of seafood.
  • Developed fish freshness indicators and applied for patent
  • Popularized CIFT Solar dryer for Hygienic drying of fishes 
  • Developed biodegradable and antimicrobial packaging system for fish and fishery products
  • Developed Nanochitosan and drumstick gum edible coating for shelflife extension of fishery products
  • Preparation of Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) & gelatin hydrolysates
  • Technology for Extraction of omega 3 fatty acid from surimi waste
  • Extraction of sulphated polysaccharide, mineral content, phycocolloid & utilization of seaweeds as agriculture manure.
  • Multiplex PCR method were developed for the identification of multidrug resistant methicillin resistant Staphyloccocci (MRSA), Pathotyping of E.coli and Fungal pathogens in seafoods.
  • Technology Transfered and Imparted Skill Development Programme 
  • on hygienic handling, drying of fishes and value addition of fishery products to the Sidi tribal community.
  • Developed value added fishery products such as shrimp samosa, Traditional Gujarati style shark curry, squid momos, Jawala shrimp chutney powder, Jawala minced meat, fish skin gelatin, collagen, preparation of low sodium dried fish, salting and drying kinetics of fish,Surimi balls, crab stick etc.
  • Popularised improved fishing gear and methods and upgrading of traditional fishing gear for the responsible utilization of important fishery resources of North west coast.
  • Developed bycatch reduction devises (BRD) for Bag nest to save hilsa juveniles of Narmada estuary. 
  • Design development and popularisation of four seamed Semi pelagic trawl system for coastal and deep waters.
  • Validation of potential fishing zones in association with INCOIS & SAC along North West coast

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