Fish Processing



Fish processing, one of the major areas under fisheries post-harvest sector deals with the different aspects of seafood preservation and value-addition. Processing and preservation methods range from simple icing/chilling, drying techniques to advanced technologies like freezing, retorting etc. Value-addition approaches include the development of innovative products targeting effective utilization of commercially important species as well as less utilized fishes. Identification of novel packaging materials and development of containers and methods for shelf stable fishery products and utilization of secondary raw materials for the production of high value bio potent by-products are also major and significant areas.

Major Areas of Research

  • Improved and hygienic fish handling and packaging methods, novel low temperature and high temperature preservation techniques.
  • Better utilization of harvested resources into various value added products like retorted products, marinated products, coated products, extruded products, restructured products, paste products, bakery products, novel 3D printed products etc.
  • Value addition by modifications in traditional fish processing methods like drying, pickling, smoking etc to ensure better consumer acceptance as well as returns to the supplier.
  • Emerging processing techniques like high pressure processing, microwave processing, pulsed light technology etc. are well explored areas for high quality and safe seafoods.
  • Application of advanced packaging techniques like modified atmosphere, active and intelligent packaging, identification of novel packaging materials and development of containers with eco-friendly approach.
  • Effective utilization of secondary raw material for the production of high value, bioactive components targeting food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, agricultural and cosmetic sector.

Major Research Findings

  • Tuna peptide fortified malted grain-based health beverage was formulated.
  • Standardised a process for the co-synthesis of hydroxyapatite and nanocarbon dots from fish scale
  • Developed a process for medium viscosity chitosan production from industrial chitin.
  • Developed functional sachet from seaweed spp.
  • Designed and developed a facile web-based information system on the biochemical and nutritional composition of food fishes in India
  • Developed prototype for live fish transportation
  • Developed feed and manure from fish processing discard


General Facilities

  • Fish Processing Laboratory
  • Fish By-products Laboratory
  • Fish Packaging Laboratory
  • Pilot plant


Consultancies for setting up of Fish Processing Unit


  • Retorted seafoods
  • Extruded seafoods
  • Marinated seafoods
  • Battered and breaded fishery products
  • Seafood salad
  • Fish/Shrimp pickle
  • Prawn chutney powder
  • Salt dried fish/Dried fish/shrimp and
  • Medium viscosity chitosan
  • Masala coated dried fish
  • Fish/shrimp feed from fish processing discards
  • Collagen peptide from fish processing discards
  • Foliar spray from fish processing discards



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