Major Areas of Interest

Fish is a highly valued item of food, from the point of view of nutrition as well as its culinary properties. These properties depend on the biochemical constituents present in fish. Changes in these constituents will affect the quality of fish. With this in view, the Biochemistry and Nutrition Division has undertaken extensive investigations in the following areas:

  • Biochemical composition of fish and other aquatic products of commercial importance and building up an exhaustive data base on this aspect.
  • Changes taking place to the important constituents like protein, lipid, enzymes, minerals, vitamins etc. during processing and preservation of fishery products and their effects on quality of the products.
  • Identification and isolation of bioactive substances and development of products of nutritional, therapeutic and industrial importance.
  • Monitoring of toxicants and pollutants like heavy metals, pesticide residues, polyaromatic hydrocarbons, aflatoxins etc. in aquatic organisms.

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