Women Entrepreneur graduates from CIFT Incubation Centre with first of its kind Prawn based Snack Prawnoes

 The technology developed by CIFT for development of extruded snacks from fish and shellfish was taken up by a women entrepreneur Smt. Omana Muraleedharan, M/s Charis Food products, Aroor, Kerala. Smt. Omana was running a small scale metal industry named Amrutha Metal Works. She approached CIFT with the idea to develop prawn flavored extruded snack food and registered as an incubatee at ZTM-BPD Unit of CIFT.  A brand named ‘Prawnoes’ was created and registered for trademark protection by ZTM-BPD Unit.  CIFT developed and standardized three varieties of Fish Kure for the Incubatee, ‘Spicy Shrimp’, ‘Shrimp n Onion’ and ‘Prawn Seasoning’. 

Prawnoes, is the first Prawn Flavored Ready-to-eat Snack Food.  Usually, extruded products are prepared using cereal flour, which have less protein content and are limited in some essential amino acid.  By incorporating protein rich Prawn Flavor, the product is enriched snack food.This nutritious and delicious snack provides alternative to the high-fat and low-protein convenience store snacks.  The rapid economic and population growth is set to fuel expansion of the snack food industry in India and the extruded food like Prawnoes are likely to target premium and economy market segments.

Prawnoes has received excellent product reviews during its test marketing period and Smt. Omana is planning to add more snack foods to her product range.  CIFT gave her technical guidance in developing the product, standardization of process parameters, testing, packaging solutions, ideas for branding, assistance in trademark filing and setting up the production unit at Aroor. The Promoter is young educated entrepreneur.  Having a dream and vision to bring a positive change she has started M/s Charis Food Products – A manufacturing unit at Industrial Development Area, Aroor Panchayath in Alappuzha district. Ready-to-eat Snack Food Industry is a potential market with consumers not being brand loyal there is always a scope for new entrants with new innovative products.  Consumers generally like to try new products emerging in the markets.


Shri K. Babu delivering th e Chief Guest’s  address                      Release of the product byAdv. A.M. Arif ,  MLA


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