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ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Technology (CIFT), a pioneer research institute under the aegis of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) has been playing a pivotal role in pursuing its research and extension activities in harvesting and post harvesting sectors in fisheries during its fruitful existence since last six decades.

The institute has been instrumental in modernizing the fishing and fish processing sectors in the country from the time of its inception on 29th April, 1957 and continues to impart technological support to a broad spectrum of stakeholders comprising of fisher folk, students, extension professionals, seafood industries, fish entrepreneurs, faculties and scientists through well designed skill-oriented training programmes. The major activities of the institute centers around evolving innovative and cost-effective technologies for fish  harvesting, development and standardization of different post-harvest practices, techniques for extraction of biomedical, pharmaceutical and industrial products from aquatic organisms, biotechnological approaches for developing disease diagnostic tools; quality management and maintaining food safety standards; design and development of engineering equipments/tools for harvesting and storage and at the end transfer of technologies to end users through training, education and extension programmes with the involvement of highly qualified and experienced scientists from seven different divisions viz., Fishing Technology, Fish Processing, Biochemistry and Nutrition, Microbiology Fermentation and Biotechnology, Quality Assurance and Management, Engineering and Extension, Information and Statistics Divisions.


ICAR-CIFT organizes regular and adhoc training courses for various categories of stakeholders in different aspects of harvest and post-harvest fisheries. Besides, customized training programmes are also organized on the basis of request from different organizations depending upon the needs and problems of the client. In addition, ICAR-CIFT also conducts some tailor-made courses like comprehensive training programmes, specialized training programmes and certified courses for different type of stakeholders. Details of the training programmes have been depicted under different heads including titles, duration, eligibility for participation, number of participants required, course content along with the name of the course directors/coordinators.


Training Calendar
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