FRP Pedal Boat



Majority of the inland fishing vesssels are using fossil fuel for propulsion. Petrol and kerosene are widely used for this purpose. The engine fitted on these vessels pollutes tha water body through the exhaust. In order to solve this issue as awell as to reduce the operational expenses of the inland fishers FRP pedal boat design is developed.

The main particulars of this vessel are: 

Length =3.0m; Breadth = 0.92m; Depth 0.5 m

The FRP layup used for this vessel is :( CSM 450 x 2) + ( CSM 300 x 3 ) + Gel coat. The hul frames are of top hat sections filled with Seasoned dry wood/ Thermocole/PUF. Keel layup is with 50 % extra mat. Pedal with shaft driven propeller is fitted for the propulsion.


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