Area of Research
  • Nutrition and Biochemistry
  • Bioactive compounds from marine macrophytes
  • PhD
Current projects
  • Marine Biomolecules – Characterisation and Utilisation for Nutraceuticals, Biomedical and Industrial Applications.
  • Development of Standard Processes & Protocols for Innovative Products from Aquatic  Resources, Shelf Life
    Modelling and Assessment of Energy Use.
  • Assessing environmental aspects of fish, fishery products and effects of chemical hazards
  • Development of high value by products from fish and shell fish processing discards.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Jha A.K. Pal A.K., Sahu N.P., Mukherjee S. C., (2007). Haemato-immunological respoonses  to dietary yeast  RNA, ω-3 fatty acid and β-carotene in Catla catla  juveniles Fish and Shellfish Immunology
  • Rairakhwada D, A.K. Pai , Z.P.Bhathena, N.P.Sahu, A.Jha and S.C. Mukherjee (2006). Dietary Microbial Levan Enhances Cellular Non-specific Immunity and Survival of Common Carp (Cyprus carpio) juveniles Fish and Shellfish Immunology
  • Prem Kumar, Asim K Pal, Narottam P Sahu, Ashish K Jha, Priyadarshani Priya (2014) Biochemical and Physiological stress responses to heat shock and their recovery in Labeo rohita Fingerlings. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., India, Sect. B Biol. Sci. DOI 10.1007/s40011-014-0357-0
  • G.K.Sivaraman, S. Visnuvinayagam, Ashish Kumar Jha, V.Renuka and S.Remya (2016). Assessment of microbial quality of fish processing industrial effluent into the bar-mouth at Bhidia landing site, Veraval, Gujarat, India..Enviton. Biol.37:110 – 114.
  • G.K.Sivaraman, S. Visnuvinayagam, Ashish Kumar Jha, S.Remya V.Renuka, Ajeesh, K. and Deesha Vanik. 92016). Molecular divergence and identification of Aspergillus species in dry fishes of Gujarat, India. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India Section B: Biological Sciences.  Accepted (Ref NASB-D-16-00168 RI) 



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