Staff Details

Quality assurance & management / Senior scientist

Dr. Laly S.J. 9495582951


Area of Research
  • Seafood quality assurance
  • M.F.Sc.
Current projects
  • Risk Assessment of Emerging Food borne Pathogens and Chemical Residues in Aquatic Systems
  • Development of Standard Processes & Protocols for Innovative Products from Aquatic Resources, Shelf Life Modelling and Assessment of Energy Use
  • Development of high value byproducts from fish and shellfish processing discards
  • All India network project on fish health
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Laly, S.J., Ashok Kumar, K and Sankar, T.V.(2014). Chemical Contaminants and Water Quality in Shrimp Farms of Edavanakkadu Area, Cochin, India. Fishery Technology, Volume 51(4): 234-241

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