Area of Research
  • Establishment of Embryonic Stem-Like Cell culture from Carassius auratus
  • Immunomodulatory and Antiparasitic Effect of Piperine against Argulus sp. in Carassius auratus
  • Isolation of Vibrio harvaiye from Aquatic Environment
  • B.F.Sc (Fisheries Science) - 2009
  • M.F.Sc (Fish Pathology and Microbiology) -2011
  • PhD (Aquatic Animal Health) - Pursuing
Current projects
  • Molecular heterogeneity and bioprospecting of aquatic and fish bacteria for novel molecules and genes. (Co-PI)
Awards and recognitions
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research – Junior Research Fellowship (2009-11)
  • Central Institute of Fisheries Education, (ICAR) – PhD Fellowship (2011-12)
  • Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship – Senior Research Fellowship (2012-16).
  • Agricultural Scientist Recruitment Board (ICAR) –NET(Fisheries Science-2011, Fish Health-2013)
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Kumar,A.,Raman,R.P.,Kumar,K.,Pandey,p.k.,Kumar,V.,Mohanty,S., Kumar,S. (2012). Antiparasitic efficacy of piperine against Argulus spp. on Carassius auratus (Linn. 1758): in vitro and in vivo study. Parasitol Res, DOI 10.1007/s00436-012-3054-z
  • Kumar,S.,Raman,R.P.,Kumar,K.,Pandey,p.k.,Kumar,N.,Mohanty, S., Kumar,A. (2011).In vitro and in vivo antiparasitic activity of Azadirachtin against Argulus spp. in Carassius auratus (Linn.1758) .Parasitol Res,DOI 10.1007/s00436-011-2701-0


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