Area of Research
  • Quality and safety aspects in seafoods
  • Fish processing


  • M F Sc

  • Ph D

Current projects
  • Food Safety hazards of fish and fishery products ; assessment and mitigation measures.(Co-Pl)

  • Marine Biomolecules-Characterization and Utilization for Nutraceutical, Biomedical and Industrial Applications (Co-Pl)

Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Femeena Hassan, P.A Muhamed , V.Geethalakshmi and T V Sankar (2015) Quality assessment of chromatophores isolated from squid skin as natural pigment in formulation of lipstick . Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research Vol.74, March 2015, pp 171_175
  • Feemeena Hassan, Treesa Gracious, V.Geethalakshmi, S. Sanjeev (2015) Post harvest bacterial quality of Lethrinus lentjan, (Lacepede, 1802) Fishery Technology vol 52 (3) : 170-176.
  • Femeena Hassan Lakshmanan ,P.T., Geethalakshmi, V and Mukundan, M.K.(2013) Evaluation of stabilisedhydrogengen peroxide as sanitiser in seafood processing industry. Indian J.Fish. 60(2):145-149
  • Femeena Hassan, Joshy, C. G. and Saleena Mathew 92013) Quality evaluation of a battered and breaded seafood product under chilled storage. Fish Technol.50 :139-145
  • Femeena Hassan, Geethalakshmi,V. Jeeva, C.J and Babu, R.M(2013). Combined effect of lime (Citrus aurantitolia) and drying on reducing bacteria of public health significance in edible oyster (Crassostreamadrasensis) J Food Sci Technol (2013) 50: 203-207.Dol.10.1007/s.13197-011-0550-6





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