Staff Details

Microbiology, fermentation & biotechnology / Senior scientist

Dr. V. Murugadas 9567973533


Area of Research
  • MRSA, SeafooD borne bacterial pathogens
  • Molecular typing, virulence markers
  • Antibiotic resistance and bioprospecting of biomolecules from aquatic bacteria
  • M V Sc
Current projects
  • Molecular heterogeneity and bioprospecting of aquatic and fish bacteria for novel molecules and genes ( as Co-Pl : Institutional funded)
  • Development of high value by products from fish and shell fish processing discards (as Co-Pl : Institutional funded)
  • NFDB project- National Surveillance programme on aquatic animal diseases (as Co-Pl: Externally funded)
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • V.Murugadas, S.Visnuvinayagam, V.Purushothaman, T.G.Prabhakar, P. Prabhahar and K.Ventakaraman, 2015. Prevalence of Chicken Host and Non-host Adapted Salmonella in Retail Outlet of Chennai, India. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 10: 885-893.
  • V.Murugadas, Toms C.Joseph and Lalitha, K.V.(2016) Distribution of pathotypes of E.coli  in seafood from retail markets (Kerala).  Indian J Fish, vol 63(1):152-155.
  • Toms Joseph, V,Murugadas, Dinesh Reghunathan , P.Shaheer, P.G Akhilnath and  K.V Lalitha (2015) Isolation and characterization of Vibrio cholerae 0139 associated with mass mortality in Penaeus monodon and experimental challenge in postarvae of three species of shrimp.  Aquaculture. Vol 442: 44-47.
  • S.Visnuvinayagam, Toms C.Joseph, V.Murugadas, R.Chakrabarti and K.V.Lalitha. 2015. Status on methicillin resistant and multiple drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus  in fishes of Cochin and Mumbai coast, India.  Journal of Environmental Biology, Vol.36:571-575.
  • Balachandran, C.,Prabhakar, T.G.Murugadas, V.,and P.Prabakar.2012. Avipox virus infection in Rosella parakeet (Platycercus sp.).Journal of Advanced Veterinary Research. Vol.2 No.3 184-187.



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