Staff Details

Fishing technology / Principal scientist

Dr. Saly. N. Thomas 0484-2412359


Area of Research
  • Fishing technology with special focus on fishing gear materials and accessories
  • Responsible and sustainable harvesting of fishery resources, design optimization and selectivity of low energy fishing techniques
  • Estimating wasted resources from gillnets and trammel nets
  • Ph.D.  2002 Cochin University of Science &Technology
  • M.Sc.  1983  Industrial Fisheries, CUSAT
  • B.Sc.  1980  Zoology, University of Calicut
Current projects
  • Nano technological intervention to mitigate fishing craft and gear material degradation
  • Investigations on Fish Behaviour & Responsible Fishing System
  • Design development of standard deep-sea fishing vessel and gear systems for commercial operation
  • Green Fishing Systems for Tropical Seas
Awards and recognitions
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award for Outstanding PG Agricultural Research 2004 in Fisheries instituted by ICAR, New Delhi
  • The 4th National Award 2014 (Runner up) in Technology Innovation in Petrochemicals and Downstream Plastic Processing Industry instituted by Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers, Govt. of India
  • Chairman, BIS Sectional Committee TXD 18, for standardizing and revising Indian Standards for Textile Materials for   Marine /Fishing Purposes, Bureau of Indian Standards , Govt. of India
  • Life Fellow, Society of Fisheries Technologists (India), Cochin
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Saly N. Thomas, Leela Edwin and V. C. George, 2003. Catching Efficiency of Gill nets and Trammel Nets for Penaid Prawns. Fisheries Research. 60:141-150
  • Saly N. Thomas and C. Hridayanathan, 2006. The effect of natural sunlight on the strength of polyamide 6 multifilament and monofilament fishing net materials.  Fisheries Research. 81:326-330
  • Saly N. Thomas and C. Hridayanathan, 2006. Comparative Technical Efficiency of Different Gill net Fishing Sectors of Kerala,  Indian J. Fish. 53(4):417-423
  • Saly N. Thomas, V. Vijayan, George Mathai and M.D.Varghese, 2008. Size Selection of Metapenaeus dobsoni (Miers) in Stake Net Cod ends used in Cochin Backwaters, Fish.Technol.45(2):131-136
  • Gipson Edappazham, Saly N. Thomas, B. Meenakumari. and P. Muhamed Ashraf, 2008. Physical and mechanical   properties of  fishing hooks, Materials  Letters,62: 1543 -1546


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