Area of Research
  • Linear and Non-Linear Models
  • Response Surface Methodology
  • Design of Experiments and Analysis of Experimental Data.
  • Msc. Agricultural Statistics
  • Ph D in Statistics
Current projects
  • Development of standard process and protocols for innovative products from aquatic resources, shelf life modeling and assessment of energy use.
  • Development of high value by-products from fish and shell fish processing discards
  • Marine Biomolecules - Characterisation and Utilisation for Nutraceuticals, Biomedical and Industrial Applications.
Awards and recognitions
  • Best paper award (Poster) under the technical session on Safe Seafood- Emerging Post-harvet Technologies in the International symposium on ‘Greening Fisheries-Towards Green Technologies in Fisheries’ jointly organized by the Society of Fisheries Technologists (India) and CIFT, Cochin during 21st -23rd May 2013 at Cochin for the paper titled ‘ Optimization of high pressure processing for Yellowfin Tuna steaks using response surface methodology’ by Kamalakanth, C.K, Ginson, J, Joshy, C.G,Bindu, J, Asha, K.K. and Gopal, T.K.S.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • C. G. Joshy, N. Balakrishnaand V. R. Madhu. (2018).   Local polynomial regression estimation of trawl size selectivity parameters using genetic algorithm. Indian Journal of  Fisheries, 65(3):  25-32.
  • C.G. Joshy, N. Balakrishna, George Ninan and C.N. Ravishankar . (2018). Accelerated Shelf Life Prediction Models with Correlated Errors for Bio‑Chemical and Sensory Responses of Chill stored Fish. Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics, 72(2): 129–140
  • C. G. Joshy, N. Balakrishna and C. N. Ravishankar. (2017). Nonparametric Regression Estimation of Growth Rate of India’s Fish Production and Export. Fishery Technology, 54 : 128 – 136.
  • C.G. Joshy_ and N. Balakrishna. (2017). Blocking first order response surface designs with interaction under correlated error. Model Assisted Statistics and Applications, 12: 179–191.
  • C. G. Joshy, George Ninan, S. K. Panda, A. A. Zynudheen, K. Ashok Kumar and C.N. Ravishankar.(2020). Development of Demerit Score-Based Fish QualityIndex (FQI) for Fresh Fish and Shelf Life PredictionUsing Statistical Models.  Journal o Aquatic Food Product Technology : 29( 1), 55–64.



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