Area of Research
  • Design and development of fish processing equipment electronic instruments/gadgets and machineries
  • Solar thermal energy conversion systems
  • Design of tools and technologies for energy and water use optimization in seafood industries
  • Development of a non-destructive fish freshness assessment sensor
  • Future refrigeration system for the seafood sector
  • Ph.D in Post Harvest Technology [Post Harvest Engineering and Technology]
Current projects
  • Green, clean and affordable energy for fishermen community: Development of a multipurpose solar thermal conversion system with gasifier/biomass heater backup (PI)
  • Development of a foldable smart live fish transportation system for distant trade of table fish (Co-PI)
  • Development of Portable Fish Freshness Assessment Sensor (Co-PI)
  • Future refrigeration INDEE+ Project (Co-PI)
  • Engineering interventions in post-harvest sector (Co-PI)
  • Establishing Value Chain for Coastal and Small Indigenous Freshwater Fish Species: Towards Nutritional Security for Rural Population (Co-PI)
Awards and recognitions
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research – JRF&SRF
  • DST -Young Scientist scheme
  • SKOCH Order-Of-Merit and Evergreen Platinum Award (2018) instituted by SKOCH Group, New Delhi
  • Kerala State Energy Conservation Commendation Certificate (2018) instituted by the Energy Management Centre (EMC), Government of Kerala
  • Kerala State Renewable Energy Commendation Certificate (2018) instituted by the Agency for Non-Conventional Energy and Rural Technology (ANERT), Government of Kerala
  • Low-Cost Technology Development Award (2018) instituted by the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India), Mysuru, Karnataka
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Murali, S*., Amulya, P. R., Alfiya, P. V., Delfiya, D. A., & Samuel, M. P. (2020). Design and performance evaluation of solar-LPG hybrid dryer for drying of shrimps. Renewable Energy, 147,2417-2428.
  • Murali, S*., Alfiya, P. V., Delfiya, D. A., Harikrishnan, S., Kunjulakshmi, S., & Samuel, M. P. (2022). Performance evaluation of PV powered solar tunnel dryer integrated with a mobile alert system for shrimp drying. Solar Energy, 240, 246-257.
  • Menon, G.S., Murali, S*., Elias, J., Aniesrani Delfiya, D.S., Alfiya, P.V., & Samuel, M.P. (2022). Experimental investigations on unglazed photovoltaic-thermal (PVT) system using water and nanofluid cooling medium. Renewable Energy,188,986-996.
  • Kunjulakshmi, S., Harikrishnan, S., Murali, S*., D'Silva, J. M., Binsi, P. K., Murugadas, V., Alfiya, P. V., Delfiya, D. A., & Samuel, M. P. (2020). Development of portable, non-destructive freshness indicative sensor for Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger kanagurta) stored under ice. Journal of Food Engineering, 287,110132.
  • Alfiya, P. V., Rajesh, G. K., Murali, S., Delfiya, D. A., Samuel, M. P., & Prince, M. V. (2022). Quality evaluation of solar and microwave dried shrimps–A comparative study on renewable and dielectric heating methods. Solar Energy, 246, 234-244.



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