Brainstorming Session on ˜Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures in Fisheries

Fish and fishery products are traded extensively in the global market and the trade and health concerns of the international organizations make the Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) measures important and significance. SPS measures are concerned to the provisions or regulations that a country adopts to protect human, animal and plant life and health within its territory against unsafe and contaminated food.


A one-day brainstorming session on ‘Sanitary andPhytosanitary (SPS) Measures in Fisheries’ was organized by National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi on 27 June, 2013 at New Delhi. Dr. T.K. SrinivasaGopal, Director, CIFT, Cochin was the Convener and Dr. J.K. Jena, Director, NBFGR, Lucknow and Dr. T. V. Sankar, Head, QAM Division, CIFT were the Co-Conveners. The Session was chaired by Dr. Anwar Alam, Secretary, NAAS and Former DDG (Engineering), ICAR and Dr. B. Meenakumari, DDG (Fisheries), ICAR was the Co-Chair. Twenty six invited participants from ICAR institutes, Universities, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, EIC, MPEDA, NIPHATT and the seafood industry attended the Session.



In the Technical Session that followed, Dr. T.V. Sankar presented an overview of the SPS measures.   Shri Vishnu Bhatt, Fisheries Development Commissioner, DAHD&F, Ministry of Agriculture presented the major challenges for India with respect to SPS issues in fisheries. Dr. A.G. Ponnaiah, Director, CIBA, Chennai spoke on the quarantine measures for import of live aquatic organisms stressing the need for capacity building on risk assessment and diagnostics and harmonization with international standards.   Dr. S.K. Panda, Senior Scientist, CIFT presented SPS standards and cases of discrepancies in the regulations. Dr. K. Ashok Kumar, Principal Scientist, CIFT presented the industry perspectives of SPS measures while Dr. C.S.Shinekumar, Deputy Director, MPEDA, Cochinmade the presentation on trade perspectives.The Technical Session was followed by a good discussion among the participants.




Brainstorming session in progress. Seen are:
Dr. B. Meenakumari, Dr. Anwar Alam and
Dr. T.K. Srinivasa Gopal

Dr. Nikita Gopal, Dr. S.K. Panda,
Dr. T.V. Sankar  and Dr. K. Ashok Kumar

among others

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