Awareness Creation Workshop on “Advancements in Purse Seine Fishing in India”


An awareness creation workshop on “Advancements in Purse Seine Fishing in India” was organized on 25th July 2011, by Zonal Technology Management – Business Planning and Development (ZTM-BPD) Unit, South Zone at Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, Cochin. Purse Seining is one of the most efficient and advanced commercial fishing methods and is aimed mainly at catching dense, mobile schools of pelagic fish. About 50 purse seine fishermen attended the workshop.

Dr. Leela Edwin, Member Secretary, ZITMC welcomed the gathering and said that the CIFT is immensely proud to take part in successfully revolutionizing the purse seine fishing operations in the region, with a participatory mode along with the fishermen. During the workshop Dr. P. Pravin, Senior Scientist, CIFT explained about the design of purse seine net and SONAR, and demonstrated the use of power block which is used to operate purse seine net more efficiently and to reduce the drudgery of the crew on board. Shri Jose Vincent Panakkal, Secretary, Purse Seine Net Owner’s Association, Cochin Fisheries Harbour acknowledged the role of CIFT in facilitating the fishing operations in the region. Dr. T. K. Srinivasa Gopal, Director, CIFT gave the concluding remarks and distributed the certificates to the participants. The interactive workshop was successful in creating awareness among the purse seine fishermen about the modern techniques used in fishing.

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