To build up required confidence among clients and to strengthen linkages between the Institute and clients.

To provide diagnostic and advisory services such as testing of samples of fishery products, packaging materials, water and ice, craft materials, paints, marine engines etc. 

To provide quality assurance and management services to the fish processing industry. 

To sell and distribute improved products developed as a result of researches con-ducted at the institute. 

To provide an over-view of improved technologies through published literature and other communication materials as well as audio-visual aids.

To provide direct access to improved expertise as well as the products of technology and to overcome technology dissemination loss.

To provide an opportunity to the institute to have resource generation through the sale of its technologies and as a result  of consultancy services at the centre.

To provide techno-economic feasibility advice on the fishery related projects and to provide guidelines on environmental  issues related to fisheries.

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