Hitachi HPLC-Amino acid analyser





Amino Acid Analyser

Protein is hydrolysed to their constituent amino acids by 6N hydrochloric acid. The amino acids are separated in a HPLC equipped with an ion exchange column. Two buffers (pH 3.2 and pH 10.0) are used to elute the amino acids from the column and the individual amino acids are estimated by their fluorescence intensity, imparted on to the individual amino acids by reaction with o-phthalaldehyde in the presence of sodium hypochlorite solution, using a fluorescence detector.

HPLC equipped with ion exchange column and fluorescence detector

The separation and quantification of amino acids is carried out using an HPLC with an ion exchange column. Filter samples using 0.45μm syringe filter and inject appropriate quantities in to the HPLC system as per the specifications of the injector.  The eluted amino acids are derivatized post column with O-phthaldehyde (for fluorescence detector).



HPLC equipped with

  • Auto sampler L-2200
  • FL detector L-2485

Wave length

  • Ex: 340 nm
  • Em: 450 nm

Column Oven L-2350

  • Column Shodex
  • CX Pak
  • P-421S
And two channel peristaltic pump


Applications: Amino acid composition, Collagen Profiling




Frozen meat, defatted protein powder.              





National Lab/R&D's

Amino acid profiling, collagen content 

7500/- Per sample

7500/- Per sample

7500/- Per sample

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