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Bioflo / Celligen 115




Autoclavable fermentors with the working range of 1.5 litres

  • It features a totally integrated control station with a color touchscreen interface, built-in pumps, gas flow controllers, pH/DO, foam/level controllers and more — no external PC needed.
  • Double wall jacketed and heat-blanketed autoclavable glass vessels size 3.0 L with magnetic drive at top
  • Control screens are easy to understand
Highly customized gas flow option with two  gas mixing option
Cascading is available for both DO and agitation and gas
PI-D values can be adjusted for pH
70ºC maximum temperature and Platinum RTD probe (Pt 100) sensor and a  Mag Drive: 25 - 200 RPM
DO can be adjusted from 0-200%


Fermentation systems are used to provide an optimal growth environment for many different types of cell cultures. The ability afforded by fermentors to carefully control temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen concentrations in particular makes them essential to efficient large scale growth and expression of fermentation products.




Young cultures should be sent along with the details of media composition etc required for the strain. Media as such should be provided. Culture conditions etc should also be sent.






National Lab/R&D's

Per batch fermentation

5000/- Per sample

1500/- Per sample

3000/- Per sample

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