Differential Scanning Calorimeter DSC 25


TA Instruments, Waters  India Pvt. Ltd


DSC 25

Instrument Features

Fusion Cell

Modulated DSC

Standard Heat Flow

User Replaceable Cell

Dual input Gas-Delivery Manifold

Color App-Style Touch Screen



Baseline Flatness (-50 to 300°C)[1]

≤100 μW

Baseline Repeatability (-50 to 300°C)


Temperature Range

-180°C to 725°C

Temp Accuracy


Temp Precision


Enthalpy Precision




DSC measures temperatures and heat flows associated with thermal transitions in a material. Common usage includes investigation, selection, comparison and end-use performance evaluation of materials in research, quality control and production applications. Properties measured by DSC techniques include glass transitions, “cold” crystallization, phase changes, melting, crystallization, product stability, cure / cure kinetics, and oxidative stability.



  1. Sample (Minimum 2g) should be submitted in leak proof containers.
  2. The temperature range for individual ramp, and heating rate should be mentioned
  3. Kindly choose a temperature range below the smoking point of the material to avoid charring and damage to the sample cell
  4. Kindly mention the storage temperature (if the material need to be stored under refrigerated or frozen condition).






National Lab/R&D's


Sample measurement and Data analysis

2500/-  Per sample

2000/- Per sample

2000/- Per sample

RT-300 0C

3000/- Per sample

2500/- Per sample

2500/- Per sample

RT- -50 0C

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