Staff Details

Fish processing / Scientist

Shri. C. G Joshy 9947711496


Area of Research
  • Linear and Non-Linear Models
  • Response Surface Methodology
  • Design of Experiments and Analysis of Experimental Data.
  • Msc. Agricultural Statistics
Current projects
  • Development of standard process and protocols for innovative products from aquatic resources, shelf life modeling and assessment of energy use.
  • Development of high value by-products from fish and shell fish processing discards
  • Marine Biomolecules - Characterisation and Utilisation for Nutraceuticals, Biomedical and Industrial Applications.
Awards and recognitions
  • Best paper award (Poster) under the technical session on Safe Seafood- Emerging Post-harvet Technologies in the International symposium on ‘Greening Fisheries-Towards Green Technologies in Fisheries’ jointly organized by the Society of Fisheries Technologists (India) and CIFT, Cochin during 21st -23rd May 2013 at Cochin for the paper titled ‘ Optimization of high pressure processing for Yellowfin Tuna steaks using response surface methodology’ by Kamalakanth, C.K, Ginson, J, Joshy, C.G,Bindu, J, Asha, K.K. and Gopal, T.K.S.
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • Design and development of modified atmosphere packaging system for guava (cv. Baruipur) by S. Mangaraj., T. K. Goswami., S. K. Giri andC. G. Joshy.
  • Journal of Food Science and Technology. DOI 10.1007/s13197-012-0860-.
    rnK. Shyni, G.S. Hema, G.Ninan, S. Mathew, C.G. Joshy. and P.T. Lakshmanan. 2014.
  • Isolation and characterization of gelatin from the skins of skipjack tuna  (Katsuwonuspelamis), dog shark (Scoliodonsorrakowah), and rohu (Labeorohita). Food Hydrocolloids 39, 68-76 Renjuravi, P. M. Vipin, M. R. Boopendranath, C. G. Joshy and Leela Edwin. 2014.
  • Structural changes in the mechanised fishing fleet of Kerala, South India. Indian J. Fish., 61(2) : 1-6, 2014 C. K. Kamalakanth, T. K. SrinivasaGopal, C. G. Joshy, J. Ginson and C. N. Ravishankar. 2015.
  • Optimisation of Physical Properties of Ready to Cook Fish Incorporated Noodles using Response Surface Methodology. Fishery Technology 52  : 109 - 117
  • Composition, functional properties and antioxidative activity of hydrolysates prepared from the frame meat of Striped catfish (Pangasianodonhypophthalmus) by S. Tanuja, P. Viji , A.A. Zynudheenand C.G. Joshy. Egyptian Journal of Biology, 2012, Vol. 14, pp 27-35.


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