Staff Details

Engineering / Scientist

Smt Alfiya P V 9633157015


Area of Research
  • Energy efficient technologies for post-harvest handling of agricultural products
  • Solar assisted drying systems
  • Extrusion of millet based products 
  • B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering)
  • M.Tech (Agricultural Processing and Food Engineering)
Current projects
  • Quality Improvement of Indian fishing fleet and engineering interventions in post-harvest sector (as Co-PI).
  • Design and development of tools and technologies for energy and water use optimization in fish processing industries (as Co-PI).
  • A study of dynamics of fish consumption in Kerala with reference to emerging health, safety and quality issues (as Co-PI) 
Awards and recognitions
  • University gold medal for M.Tech in the year 2014-15
Publications (Best 5 publications)
  • P. V. Alfiya, S. Murali, D. S. AniesraniDelfiya and Manoj P. Samuel. 2018. Empirical Modelling of Drying Characteristics of Elongate Glassy Perchlet (Chandanama) (Hamilton, 1822) in Solar Hybrid Dryer. Fishery Technol. 55 (2018): 138 – 142
  • Alfiya, P.V. and Ganapathy, S.  2017. Mathematical modelling of infrared assisted hot air drying of ginger slices. Asian Science, 12 (1&2):20-25
  • Alfiya, P.V., Palanimuthu, V., Santhi Mary Mathew and Sudha Devi, G. (2014) Optimization of initial dough moisture content for shepu enriched proso millet based multi grain pasta. International Journal of Processing and Post-Harvest Technology, 5(2): 105-113


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