Major Research Findings

  • 15.5 m Fuel efficient steel fishing vessel “Sagarkripa”. 
  • A fuel-efficient design for 18m. deep sea steel fishing vessel.
  • An improved fuel-efficient nozzle propeller system for vessels in size range of 15 -18m.
  • FRP boats for fast flowing rivers
  • Fuel saving Propeller designs for mechanised fishing vessels.
  • Design, construction and popularization of FRP boats for reservoirs, NEH regions and back waters
  • Equipment for fish processing industry such as Fish Meat bone separator, descaling machine.
  • The hybrid Solar Dryers with alternate back up heating sources such as LPG, Electrical, Biogas, Biomass etc.  for continuous hygienic drying of fish even under unfavorable weather conditions. 
  • Instruments for applications in fishing technology, fish processing technology, fisheries hydrography, aquaculture, coastal engineering etc.   More than 5 dozens of electronic instruments with fully indigenous technology and more than 50 sensors with novel features and designs. Instruments include  
  • Electronic instruments included 
    • Environmental Data Acquisition System, Ship Borne Data Acquisition System, Hydro-meteorological Data Acquisition System etc., for composite measurement of data directly from the command sites
    • Independent portable instruments such as Water activity meter, Water current meter,  Rheometer, Ship Borne Data Acquisition system, ERH Monitor, Micro algae concentration Monitor,  Navigational light control system, Flow and discharge monitor, Gel strength tester, Salinity-Temperature-Depth meter etc., that are taken from place to place for direct measurement
    • Automatic data acquisition peripherals suitable for remote sites namely memory module, wireless PCM based VHF telemetry system and computer interfaces.
    • Engineering Workshop withmachineries like Lathe, Vertical drilling machine, Milling machine, Welding machine etc.
    • Cold room plant maintained at +2°
    • Deep freezer plant maintained at -20°C
    • Solar dryers with alternate back-up systems like LPG, Electrical and Biomass
    • Drawing& Design room with CAD facility


General facilities under Engineering Division
  • Conference hall (Air conditioned) with a capacity of 110 persons
  • Dr. A.N. Bose auditorium (Air conditioned) with a capacity of 300 persons
  • Exhibition room ( to be opened soon)


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