General Administration

Director is the Head of the Institute. Director is assisted by Senior Administrative Officer, Administrative Officer and Assistant Administrative Officers for dealing with matters relating to General Administration; Finance and Account Offcer and Assistant Finance & Accounts Officer for looking after Finance & Internal Audit of the Institute. Under office Administration there are 5 Sections Viz. Establishment, Co-ordination, Bills, Store Purchase, Stores Issue.

                                           Name of the Officers

Senior Administrative Officer


Shri. P.J. Davis

Administrative Officer


Smt. Christina Joseph 

Finance and Accounts Officer : Shri. K.S. Sreekumaran
Assistant Fiance and Accounts Officer : Shri. P.P. Anil Kumar

Assistant Administrative Officer (Estt)


Smt. T.D. Usheem 

Assistant Administrative Officer (Bills)


Shri. T. Viswanathan

 Assistant Administrative Officer (Cdn)


 Shri. P. Krishnakumar

Assistant Administrative Officer (Stores Issue)


Shri. M.N. Vinodh Kumar
Assistant Administrative Officer (Stores Purchase)


Shri. K.B. Sabukuttan


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