Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectrometer



Thermofischer scientific, USA 


Nicolet IS10, 2010



Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer is a complete infrared spectroscopy system for routine analytical needs and delivers the highest confidence in the verification and identification of materials.

Beam Splitter: KBr/Ge mid-infrared optimized (standard)

Source : Mid-infrared Ever-Glo and Tungsten/halogen

Spectral Range : 7800-350 cm-1 optimized, mid-infrared KBrbeamsplitter

Spectral Resolution : Better than 0.4 wavenumber
Detector : Fast recovery deuteratedtriglycine sulfate (DTGS) (standard)



Infrared spectroscopy is a simple, reliable analytical technique for organic materials. FT-IR instrument relies upon interference of various frequencies of light to collect a spectrum. The spectrometer consists of a source, beamsplitter, two mirrors, a laser and a detector; the beamsplitter and mirrors are collectively called the interferometer. The IR light from the source strikes the beamsplitter, which produces two beams of roughly the same intensity. One beam strikes a fixed mirror and returns, while the second strikes a moving mirror. A laser parallels the IR light, and also goes through the interferometer. The moving mirror oscillates at a constant velocity, timed using the laser frequency. The two beams are reflected from the mirrors and are recombined at the beamsplitter. The transmitted portion reaches the detector, which records the total intensity. The raw detector response yields an interferogram.




  • Sample should be submitted in solution or powder form
  • Generally 5 ml of solution is sufficient for analysis
  • Solvents such as alcohol or acetone is more preferable for diluting the sample
  • Explosive, poisonous s and toxic gases or fumes cannot be undertaken FTIR analysis. Moisture content is not acceptable in FTIR analysis because of KBr crystal.           






National Lab/R&D's

Analysis for single spectrum from single sample including sample preparation

1500/- per sample

250/- per sample

600/- per sample

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