ELISA Microplate Reader and Washer-EPOCH (Biotek instruments)







Epoch Microplate reader is a versatile, affordable alternative for microplate micro-volume and UV-Vis applications, used with the available Micro-Volume Plates. The applications of this instrument include;

ELISA, Nucleic acid quantification and Micro-volume analysis of nucleic acid and protein.

Epoch™ Microplate Spectrophotometer offers a filter-free, wide wavelength range for UV-Vis absorbance measurements in a variety of microplate formats. Epoch is controlled with the Gen5 Software interface, with simple programming and powerful data analysis.




The Microplate washer (Biotek) automates the aspirate, dispense shake and soak steps required for many assays including ELISA and cell-based assays.

Applications:Determination of biological molecules and characterization





Biological samples, biomolecules                 





National Lab/R&D's

Biomolecules characterization

2500/- Per sample

2500/- Per sample

2500/- Per sample

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